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WSI complimentary internet business analysis




Online ads alone can boost brand awareness by 6%
Online annonsering kan stärka varumärket med 6%
Källa: Forrester Research

Proven Internet Business Strategies

For some real-world examples of how the Internet can help your business reach more customers and increase sales, have a look at our case studies. We’ve examined several of our clients from various business types and sizes to give you an inside look at how our Internet business solutions improved their businesses.

Washington, D.C.

Business Objective: KaBOOM! required a custom design projecting their innovative Community-Build model that brings together business and community interests to construct nearly 1,000 new playgrounds, skateparks, sports fields and ice rinks across North America.

Our Solution: We created a fun, colorful, online atmosphere which reflects the play spaces created through KaBOOM!’s Community-Build process. Our design approach provides a balance of bright colors, fun imagery, content and space..

Results: An immediate increase in the number of sponsors and interest from organizations wanting to volunteer their time and efforts to build play spaces within their local neighborhoods.


Nisim International
Brampton, ON

Business Objective: Nisim had a website, but wanted to improve its conversion rate.

Our Solution: WSI e-Commerce package, search engine optimization and pay-per-click services.

Results: Over 18% increase in visitor traffic conversion and sales of $24,000 in just 46 days.

Horizon Financial
Greenville, SC


Business Objective: Client had an existing website; objective was to build a site with a professional look and feel that the client would be proud to send their prospective and existing clients to.

Our Solution: While Horizon Financial did have an Internet presence, their website was considered amateurish and its staff generally found it embarrassing to point their clients to it. With the help of their WSI Internet Consultant, their new website has a professional look and feel that everyone at Horizon Financial is now proud and eager to show off. And, with the search engine optimization strategies and ongoing Consulting that WSI provides for them, Horizon Financial is receiving over 500 visitors a month. They happily report that their customers are receiving better service and are positively commenting on every aspect of their new website. Horizon Financial co-founder Gary Schoenholz is so impressed with WSI's work that he considers his Internet Consultant an integral part of the Horizon team.

Results: Traffic to the site has improved from less than 10 visitors a month to over 500; enhanced customer service; substantial growth in leads.

Business Objective: Nexlogic had a website, but it was under-performing. They wanted to increase the number of leads generated by the site and better educate their target audience about their products.

Our Solution: Website technology and design upgrade, pay-per-click and search engine optimization services, email marketing, link building and banner ad campaigns.

Results: Nexlogic went from having no search engine ranking to 1st page ranking for its targeted keyword. They saw a 300% increase in visitor traffic and 400% increase in leads.



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