Hernán Valdés  y Claudia Guerra, Consultores de Mercadotecnia de Internet


IBA Form

Congratulations on taking the first step to providing your business with an endless stream of new clients/customers, a higher retention rate on existing clients, and lower operating expenses.

Internet Business Analysis




I. Marketing Strategy

Describe your process

Please describe your customer's concerns

Please describe what methods you currently use.


II. New Client Acquisition

Describe why you think clients do not buy from you

Please provide as much detail as possible. (more than 1 item is acceptable)

Describe the amount of time you spend and if there are better uses for your time.

III. Acquisition systems in place and understanding the competition:

Describe any resistance you see and how you presently overcome this resistance

Provide names of your strongest competitors (local and/or national companies)

By name, describe what makes them competitors

IV. Client Retention systems currently in place:

Describe any client retention systems your business uses

Describe what percentage of your business is repeat business

Testing & measuring how well your current systems work

Describe the methods you use for measurement

Describe the methods used

Describe your processes

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